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5 Hidden Places To Buy Land Near Kansas City

Posted: June 11, 2010 at 8:33 am No Comment

Kansas City Real Estate
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Almost every major city has its own character and style, and Kansas City has its distinguishing attributes. If you are looking into Kansas City real estate, and aren’t sure if you want to stay in the city, or you want to live outside the city but stay close enough to utilize the city’s advantages, here are 5 areas to think about buying land.

Harrisonville, MO
Harrisonville is the county seat of Cass County. Within a 45-minute drive from Kansas City, Harrisonville is a balanced combination of history and progress. Keeping its historical roots fresh and integral to its citizens and tourists while building a future that successfully embraces progress and economic vitality, Harrisonville embodies their city motto of “Enhancing Our Growing Community, Maintaining Our Quality of Life”. Plenty of parks, recreation, and outdoor activities along with a involved community, emphasis on maintaining its history, traditions, and way of life, Harrisonville is an ideal place to live.

Smithville, MO
A quiet town of about 6,000 residents just a few minutes north of Kansas City, Smithville has all the advantages of big city diversity, but maintains its small town atmosphere. Home to the 7,200-acre Smithville Lake with abundant recreation; Paradise Pointe Golf Complex’s challenging 18-hole course; downtown Heritage District with quaint shops and restaurants, Harrisonville is a perfect small town on the cusp of Kansas City real estate.

Riverside, MO
Another small town gem just north of Kansas City, Riverside sits on the tree-shaded banks of the silent and swift Missouri River. Claiming a pioneering spirit and fierce independence, Riverside citizens possess long historic roots and commitment to their thriving community.

Blue Springs, MO
About 30 minutes from Kansas City, Blue Springs is a unique community. Families, visitors and businesses all share a special quality of community closeness and cooperation. With Blue Springs Lake, three golf courses, along with a vital community, Blue Springs offers Kansas City real estate seekers a fresh alternative to big city living.

Cameron, MO
Called the “Crossroads of the Nation”, Cameron is about 50 miles north of KC. Combined with Missouri’s low cost of living, and Cameron’s local land discounts, low crime rate, rural lifestyle, clean air and water, abundant recreation possibilities, and a friendly small town atmosphere, Cameron has everything for those who truly want to get away from the city.

Ryan Chaffin is currently a college student majoring in Business Marketing. He loves anything technology, internet, and social media related along with sports and health & wellness. Ryan believes in achieving your fullest potential on and off the web.  You can also find Ryan on Twitter (@ryanchaffin).

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