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Guests Posts Welcome!

FindLandAuctionsOnline.com is currently welcoming guest posts on our site.

Topics must be real estate related however that covers a wide range of sub-topics, so please feel free to email and ask if you’re not sure about a particular title.

A couple guidelines in order for your post to be included on the site:

  • A guest post is not a link farm: The ultimate goal is too expand your site’s audience and reach.
  • Guest blogging is not article distributing, Please don’t offer the same article to several blog owners. A guest post should be 100% unique and submitted articles will be checked.
  • Author should show a decent understanding of English and high quality of writing.  We’re not the grammar police, but if we need to make more than a couple slight changes we’ll probably start second guessing the quality of your work.
  • As mentioned, there are a wide range of topics we’d be happy to feature, however if the topic is somewhat far outside the realm of buying real estate or land, please ask before you start writing an article just for us.
  • We’re happy to include a link to your site and/or twitter profile, and you’re free to choose the anchor text within reason.
  • Images should be credited and sourced from free stock photo sites or from Flickr with a commercial-allowed license.  Please send image link along with article and we’ll take it from there.

Questions and submissions can be sent to admin@NOSPAMfindlandauctionsonline.com. (You’ll obviously need to remove NOSPAM for the email to make it through…)

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